My passion is user-centered design, and as a UX/UI designer I am a committed user advocate. I translate user stories and system requirements into wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes that emphasize usability and communicate complex ideas quickly and precisely. My expertise includes re-inventing outdated applications and creating new, responsive applications that use thoughtful design to build user satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Extensive experience in designing prototypes for financial, ecommerce, and government applications
  • Adobe Creative Suite, Axure, Sketch
  • W3C WCAG and Section 508
  • Agile/Scrum methodologies

Selected Projects

Army Training Information System (ATIS)

Senior member of a UX team charged with ensuring the usability of a major U.S. Army training system that will ultimately merge more than 30 individual systems. Currently leveraging user research and design methodologies to create click-through prototypes that visually clarify functional requirements. Also develop contract deliverables such as heuristic evaluations and visual design specifications.

Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina
Virtual and Durham, NC

Served as the senior UX designer for an Amazon Web Services-based data sharing application for Blue Cross/Blue Shield North Carolina. Duties included meeting with stakeholders, gathering and refining requirements, and creating wireframes, UX flows, and interactive HTML/JavaScript/CSS prototypes.

GSA Web Applications
Virtual and Washington, DC

Used Agile methodology to create compelling designs that demonstrated the power and value of rich internet experiences for General Services Administration (GSA) users. Collaborated closely with the development team to conceptualize, design, and prototype web applications using HTML5/CSS, Bootstrap, and jQuery. Created user profiles, annotated wireframes, and visual designs, identifying design tradeoffs and alternatives as needed to help users interact instinctively with the UI and perform their tasks intuitively.

Medical Management System
Virtual and Portland, OR

Provided UX/UI design services for Power2Practice and Power2Patient, an integrative medicine system developed for Ageology. Was responsible for creating elegant, usable designs for a physician-facing practice management system and a patient-facing electronic medical records system. Used my extensive problem-solving and creative capabilities to develop flows, wireframes, and detailed visual designs for a large, complex user interface that encompassed a multi-page questionnaire, a physician dashboard, an appointment scheduling engine, and a medication ordering system.

FAA Contract Management System
Washington, DC

Served as the UX/UI lead on a project to completely redesign a complex contract management application for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Using HTML/CSS and jQuery, was responsible for conducting a heuristic evaluation of the current application, creating a new, workflow-based user interface design, and leading UX requirements discussions with business analysts, developers, and key stakeholders. Established design standards and provided guidance on best practices in UX/UI design.

U.S. Customs & Border Protection Service Cargo Management System
McLean, VA

Designed new user interfaces to help transition a complex mainframe system to a Web-based platform. Participated in the full application life cycle, from requirements gathering and analysis to use case and interface design and user testing. Was responsible for all levels of prototypes and wireframes through final specifications. Worked closely with cross-functional teams to ensure successful product specification, design, and adherence to Section 508 requirements.

Usability & Design Division of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
Virtual and Washington, DC

Created a comprehensive set of usability and UX/UI best practices for contractors developing internal and external Web sites and applications.

Navy Federal Credit Union Loan Application
Vienna, VA

Participated in an Agile environment to design, build, and integrate user interfaces for a major credit union auto loan application. Duties included conceiving and designing the overall "look and feel" of the application, including creating user experience design mockups and documentation to communicate design ideas to other teams. Created user stories that described desired functionality and features from the vantage point of the user. Participated in project planning, brainstorming, and weekly "deep dive" meetings with business analysts and developers to identify and prioritize requirements.


Bachelor of Arts

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

English: Major with specialty in Renaissance literature. Coursework included analysis of literature, with emphasis on motivation, nuance, connotation, and oral and visual presentation.

Psychology: Extensive coursework in behavioral sciences. Studied cognitive development and perception.

Coursework for Master of Arts

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

French Literature: Completed all coursework with specialty in literary analysis. Did extensive research on modern literature.