Medical Practice Management System

The Challenge

A nationally recognized physician asked our team to turn his spreadsheet-based practice management processes into a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that could be marketed to medical practitioners. Our goal was to create office efficiencies and reduce overhead so that physicians could provide the best possible medical care while getting patients in and out of the office quickly (and on time).

My Role

I wore many hats on this project, including information architect, UX designer, wireframer, and visual designer. But above all, I was a tireless user advocate, carefully maintaining a balance between features and interactions that were most desirable from our users' point of view with what was technologically feasible and economically viable.

Using a wide variety of UX/UI patterns I designed a physician portal with:

  • Color-coded task lists and reminders
  • A HIPAA-secure patient intake questionnaire
  • Automated appointment scheduling and confirmation
  • Visual logs for quickly reviewing patient history, medications, and lifestyle habits
patient chart

Process Improvement

Paper Form

paper bill

Digital Form

online bill