Cargo Processing Application

The Challenge

Our government client was using an obsolete computer system to collect and analyze commercial import and export data, relying heavily on paper-based procedures and various mainframe applications for account management and information sharing. The entire system, including processes for processing, storing, and transmitting large amounts of data, needed to be revamped and updated for the Web.

What I Did

As a member of a UX team, I designed a sitemap and wireframes for a cargo processing application, and transitioned existing mainframe system screens to new Web-based designs. Using Photoshop I created high-fidelity mockups to represent the EDI Message Monitor (EMM) module, which enabled users to send and receive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages.

I worked closely with the customer to ensure that the new Web-based system captured all of the functionality of the original mainframe system while also ensuring the enhanced usability of the new application.

I also wrote comprehensive online help for the entire system, and was a key participant in Section 508 and usability testing.

cargo wireframe

The Result

The new Web-based UI connected the trade community and participating government agencies through a centralized access point that improved communication, collaboration, and compliance efforts.

emm wireframe