Contract Management System

The Challenge

The original version of this outdated, needlessly complex government application was not designed with the end user in mind, nor was it structured to afford users maximum ease in performing their tasks. My goal was to bring a formal, structured process to the development of a new, user-centered interface that would be straightforward, functional, and a pleasure to use.

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A User-Based Solution

As the UX/UI lead, I started by conducting a heuristic evaluation of the original application and leading requirements discussions with business analysts, developers, and key stakeholders. I completely reworked the UI and created a new, workflow-based user experience that reduced users' cognitive load by removing unnecessary features and providing faster, more intuitive access to content. I also re-architected the tangled navigation scheme.

Working closely with the development team, I championed the use of the jQuery framework, introducing UI widgets such as datepickers and accordians and enhancing micro-interactions with buttons, tabs, and dropdowns.

With the consistent use of color, typography, icons, and buttons, the re-imagined UI presented a unified look and feel that encouraged user interaction and significantly exhanced usability.

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UX Documentation

I established design standards and provided guidance on best practices in UX/UI design, usability, and accessibility.

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Annotated Mockups detailed annotations

UI Specification user interface specification