Auto Loan Application

The Challenge

The call center for a major credit union was a critical point of contact with customers who were seeking an automobile loan. Recognizing that it was important to ensure an efficient, memorable customer experience, the credit union asked our Agile team to revamp their call center's slow and cumbersome system to make it easier for customers to purchase new cars and trade in old ones.

auto loan flow
I mapped out end-to-end flow diagrams, always looking for flow improvements.

What I Did

User Experience and Visual Design

As the sole UX designer on the team, I updated the entire look and feel of the auto loan application, streamlining processes for:

  • Entering and validating member information
  • Calculating loan amounts
  • Obtaining loan approval decisions based on various scenarios, such as trade-in value and interest rates
  • Setting up automatic payment plans

Prototyping in the Browser

I worked primarily in HTML and CSS, using Photoshop to choose the color scheme and Illustrator to create assets such as icons and other images. Designing in a browser is great way to prototype, because it results in a high-fidelity representation of the final product and makes it easy to iterate rapidly on design decisions. And the development team loves having usable code to work with.

loan repayment

Usability Testing

In close coordination with the testing team, I wrote usability tests and test scenarios, evaluated responses, and used the results to improve the prototype.

A Better User Experience


original auto loan screen


revamped auto loan screen


Final Product

The updated user interface was clean and easy to use, and it significantly simplified communications with customers. Call center agents saved time on every loan application they processed, and overall call times dropped. In addition, the streamlined loan approval process markedly improved the customer experience and resulted in increased loan activity for the credit union.

approved loan